Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend recap: instagram style

Saturday: TREE OF LIFE every year we plant oak trees in honor of the patients who have passed in the last year due to cancer (clockwise): the grove showing trees that have been planted (and growing) for years; a newly planted tree honoring one of this year's patients; a robot and matchbox car truck gracing the foot of the tree honoring a previous year's patient; flower pots placed at the tree of another patient from this year; christmas decorations on a tree

Gorgeous sky, gorgeous weather, afternoon at a local park
Perfect lakeside retreat for reading

Playtime with Lilly outside to soak in more of the perfect weather
Dinner out with a friend and the most AMAZING dessert of my life- half triple ghiradelli chocolate, and half chocolate chip

Sunday: celebrating a friend's birthday

Amazing burgers, amazing ice cream- epic win
Mimosas, disney movies, and jalapeno corn cheese dip with my bestie

I've been struggling a lot lately with the concept of time: not having enough, feeling like I don't use mine appropriately, experiencing the sensation of my life passing me by. Coincidentally (or not so) my pastor's sermon this morning was on just that: time. He talked about how we as humans have been learning to slice time in smaller and smaller pieces (days into hours into quarter hours, to minutes, and now nanoseconds); this sensation actually causes us to feel like we have less time instead of more. (I'm boiling down an entire 40 minute sermon into two sentences) His suggestion was that we take more time to relax, to unwind and to experience each moment instead of trying to control it. I think that was a task well accomplished this weekend.

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