Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tales from the Kiddos: Hide your babies... and your baby dolls

Conversation with a frequent flyer, aka a patient who comes in a lot, (3 years old) who was in for a quick check up:

Bethany: So, how is your new baby sister?
Patient: She's good. But she cries. A lot.
Bethany: Really?
Mom: She tells everyone 'This is my baby sister J----, she only cries. She doesn't talk like me, she doesn't know any words. So you should play with me'
Bethany: Well then
Mom: I mean I guess we've moved forward, because before she referred to her as 'it'
Bethany: It?
Mom: Yes as in. "if you want to play with me now, you have to put IT down"
Bethany: Oh dear
Mom: and considering before the baby was born she was throwing her doll out of the stroller violently in order to make way for her other toys, I think we got off easy

I'd say so.

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  1. Hahah oh man, this is so cute. I had a friend who gave her son a baby doll to prep for his little brother. He carried it away for a while, until one day he stormed into the kitchen and threw the doll away in the trash can. They were a little worried after that, but now they're best buds.


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