Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Recap: Instagram Style

I was without internet for a week. Don't get me started, Im still irritated. As such I am behind in my posting, as well as my tv watching. Don't take offense, tv watching comes first. So while I work on getting my wits together and putting together a slew of deep, thought-provoking posts (excuse while I got snort with laughter and derision at my own comment) I shall leave you with an other Instagram style recap of my wonderful, fulfilling weekend with amazing friends. I've been a bit down lately, and was definitely in need of a relaxing weekend away from Miami! Enter a trip to my hometown:

Nothing beats driving through the Everglades, belting songs at the top of your lungs with your best friend from childhood.
The gorgeous view from my 'guest' room at my best friend's house. Looking out on the Gulf as I sleep with the sound of the wind in the palms coming through the window? Yes please.

Engagement Party for two of my best friends which was simultaneously also a send off for the guy before he shipped out for Navy boot camp. I've known both people since I was little, and am thrilled that years later they found each other. As part of the party we all wrote notes for Nick that his fiancee will periodically send to him through out his training.

Fabulous award winning barbeque at the party: Fred Flintstone meat.
Writing notes with creative leanings.
Anisha and I took a break from the party to attend an Indian wedding! (Appropriately attired in Orange and Blue Saris, Go Gators)
Lavish and fabulous- hard to believe this is the same room I attended prom in 8 years ago.

Rejoining the party for theological and philosophical conversations around the bonfire.

Finishing out our weekend eating yummy homemade Indian food made by Anisha's mommy

Sometimes all you need is to take a break from reality and indulge. Indulge in friends, in family, in good times, and happy memories.

A weekend well spent if you ask me!

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