Friday, March 1, 2013

Tales from the Kiddos: McDonald Spies

Conversation with a nurse about hospital policies.

Bethany: They're really starting to crack down about policies. Like the one stating we aren't supposed to have patients anywhere near the nurse's station. I mean, I get why they want that, but in some cases, like his (gesturing to a toddler patient who was sitting in a high chair nearby), it's just so much safer to have them close where we can keep an eye on them if they are alone.
Nurse: No, I completely agree. I think they're more worried about privacy. We want to avoid having people out here listening to health information about other patients.
Bethany: Haha, true story, luckily with this one I think we have a bit of time before he starts spilling the beans.
Patient (looks very determinedly at Bethany, and announces) E I E I O
Nurse: Then again.... maybe not

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