Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tales from the Kiddos: What else would they sell there?

Conversation between two frequent flyer patients, their families, and the child life staff:

Katie*: We're getting a puppy soon!

Katie's mom*: I'm just a little overwhelmed about how many supplies we have to get!

Liam's mom*: I know what you mean. Before we got our dog I nearly had a heart attack at how expensive everything is. Can you believe they charge ten dollars for a rope dog toy at most stores?

Bethany: You know, when we first got our dog we actually found the dollar store was a GREAT place to buy toys, they were cheap, and those toys actually lasted a lot longer than the more expensive ones.

Katie: (With an utterly confused and stunned expression) Wait... you mean they DON'T sell dollars at the dollar store???

*Not anyone's real names

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