Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tales from the Kiddos: We're brothers dontyaknow

Conversation between the twin brother of a patient and my co-worker (with brother and grandma nearby).

Brother: Can we go into the teen lounge?
L: I don't know it's really for the older kids, 13 and above. How old are you?
Brother: Well.. I'm almost 13, I'm 12
L:(Feigning shock because the boys definitely didn't look that old) no way! There's no way you are twelve whole years old. Are you positive?
Brother: Yes yes I am, I promise! I'm the same age as he is (pointing to patient/identical twin brother), we're even brothers, I promise!
L: You're brothers? Now THAT I would never have guessed.
Brother: Yeah... no one believes us
L: Well it's not like you look anything alike
Brother: (confused look)

Child Life Specialists: confusing one gullible child at a time. It's the little things that keep us going.

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