Monday, October 22, 2012

Thoughts on the Election

~I'm not sure that either candidate would have wooed my vote during any of the debates if I had been undecided.

~The intense negativity makes me sad. Particularly on facebook, tell you one thing- being nasty and ridiculing/lambasting supporters of the opponent is not going to do much for convincing people to switch sides. This goes for both parties; all it does is make me think less of you and your opinion.

~On the same vein, I promise to respect your opinion if you've done your homework and really thought about your candidate choice, even if it does not coincide with my own. I would respect the same courtesy.

~None of the candidates have it entirely right. Not the republican, the democrat, the independents, it's about picking the one who most coincides with your most important topics.

~Certain candidates should lay off the teeth whitener.

~Certain other candidates would do well to revisit the rules of order and stop speaking over everyone else, including the moderator.

~I really wish the candidates would focus more on outlining their plans for helping the country instead of explaining why the other one is a poor choice.

~I miss regular commercials.

~Regardless, I hope everyone gets out there and votes. My personal thought? If you didn't vote you have no right to complain about the election outcomes. Plain and simple.

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