Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thankfulness continues

Things that reminded me of how blessed I am today:

1) Receiving the sweetest, and unexpected email, from the parent of a former patient today. He wanted to let me know what a significant impact I had made on his daughter's recovery, and tell me that I am in their thoughts and prayers daily. The patient is also back in school; considering we weren't expecting her to pull through, I find this to be an absolute miracle and think it humbling to know God was able to use me in such a powerful way.

2) Super awesome halloween cookies baked by a patient as part of her occupational therapy.

3) Scoring $1.65 tube socks at Target with which to make my super handy ice pack contraption for Friday.

4) Calls and emails from friends who just wanted to let me know they care.

5) Being employed in a field that, while stressful, constantly reminds me that I am blessed. Seriously, no matter how bad my day is, I always work with someone dealing with issues that make my problems look miniscule.

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